Through advocacy, research, and strategic partnerships and program development, we help people acquire and leverage the life and career-relevant skills they need to compete in the talent marketplace and improve their economic opportunity and social mobility.

ED2WORK® is an advocate for working learners as the solution, not the problem. We base our work on a variety of research methods, including surveys, case studies, focus groups, and getting our hands dirty. And, we create our ED2WORK strategy by continually learning from those we serve.



We advocate for common-sense, learner-centered policies and practices that eliminate the barriers to recognition of all learning and propose new models that shake old ways of thinking. At ED2WORK, we speak and write about the future of learning and work, and what organizations must do right now to prepare for the inevitable challenges people and organizations will face in a dynamic learning economy. As learner advocates, we promote policies and practices that place working learners at the center – working learners are the solution to our economic crisis.


Through case studies, qualitative, and quantitative research, we gain insights that inform how we help organizations better serve workers and learners and highlight pockets of innovation. As you seek to solve an organizational problem such as closing a skill gap within a region or an industry, upskilling current employees in an uncertain world, or creating new work-based learning models, you will inevitably have questions. ED2WORK can provide expert guidance and support using a variety of research methods to help you get the answers you need.


We harness the power of a network of dedicated people and organizations to offer new ways of learning, organizing and sharing solutions that help people and organizations succeed in future work and learning. ED2WORK can help you tackle inefficiencies in the teaching and credentialing marketplace, to create agile, targeted strategies that drive your organization toward new ways of learning, organizing, and using knowledge to inform your efforts.


Our team brings deep experience in organizational leadership and transformational change, online learning at scale, quality assurance and the recognition of formal and informal learning, and innovative teaching, learning, and credentialing models.



One of our key values is that we continuously learn as we do the work, and one of the ways we value learning is by surrounding ourselves with those who can bring new information and insights to the table.

Eric Bing

Chief Executive Officer
The College of Health Care Professions

Bonita Brown

Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer

Northern Kentucky University

Chris Bustamante

Executive Director

Arizona Community College Coordinating Council

John Cavanaugh

President Emeritus

Consortium of Universities of the Washington Metropolitan Area

Susan Lupo

Senior Policy Associate

Corporation for a Skilled Workforce

John Petrov

Vice President, Human Resources

CommonSpirit Health

Wendi Safstrom

Executive Director

SHRM Foundation

Robin Weinstein

Founder and President

M25 Initiative


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