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New White Paper Highlights Innovative Work-and-Learn Model for High School Students in Maryland

Oct 19, 2020

A new ED2WORK white paper by ED2WORK's Marie Cini and Steven Taylor analyzes a novel high school for working students in Montgomery County, Maryland, the TranZed Academy for Working Students (TAWS). The authors highlight how and why today’s students can benefit from simultaneous work and learning when intentionally designed to complement one another. The paper shares how a collaboration of leaders across government, education, and business came together to develop a new model to support the growing number of students for whom the traditional high school model no longer works.

New Article by ED2WORK Leadership Offers Insights on Supporting Workers in the Gig Economy

October 2, 2020

A new article by ED2WORK CEO, Steven Taylor, and Chief Strategy Officer, Marie Cini, provides insights on what a growing gig economy means for employers, the talent marketplace, and what's needed for gig workers and freelancers to succeed in an increasingly competitive labor market. The authors suggest a national policy discussion is needed to support gig economy workers.

Re-Engineering Higher Ed for Working Students: A New 'Real Clear Education' Article by ED2WORK's Chief Strategy Officer Marie Cini and Advisory Council Member Eric Bing

Aug 26, 2020

In a new Real Clear Education article, ED2WORK chief strategy officer, Marie Cini, and advisory council member Eric Bing share how colleges can address the COVID-19 challenges head-on by employing strategic blended learning, short-term credentials, and PLA strategies to better serve the students who need postsecondary education the most.

National Study Points to the Importance of Academic Advising and Clear Communication to Ease the Credit Transfer Process

Jul 27, 2020

In a new study, Wendy Kilgore of AACRAO, Steven Taylor of ED2WORK and ACE, and Karina Pineda of ACE explore how students around the U.S. experience the credit transfer process. The study point to the importance of academic advising and clear communication from institutions. It also highlights transfer students' opinions about the application and award of their transfer credit, the enablers and barriers to their successful transfer of credit, and how they felt about the credits that did not transfer.

ED2WORK Leadership Publishes Article in EvoLLLution on COVID-19 as a Catalyst for Continuous Learning

Jul 6, 2020

As the COVID-19 brings to light many of the pressing challenges facing higher education, experts are looking to alternative models, like the intentionally designed continuous learning model, to solve problems of inequity, inaccessibility and inflexibility. ED2WORK's Steven Taylor, founder and CEO, and Marie Cini, chief strategy officer, share how higher education and employers can leverage the challenge of the time to create positive, lasting change.

Strategies for Success in Moving Learning Online: ED2WORK Chief Strategy Officer Shares 3 Keys for Success

Jul 6, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic forced many students and schools to realize the importance of increasing access to education through digital channels. ED2WORK's Marie Cini, chief strategy officer, shares insights from her decades of experience leading online learning at institutions to share what schools can do to offer high-quality programs in more ways than ever before. The article, "The 3 Keys to Developing Successful Online Education Programs" is published in Education and Career News.

ED2WORK Joins 60 Other Education and Workforce Groups to Endorse the Emergency Broadband Connections Act

Jun 29, 2020

Following its earlier support to expand access to high-quality internet in the immediate aftermath of COVID-19 and shift to remote work and learning, ED2WORK joined 60 other education, workforce and community groups to endorse the Emergency Broadband Connections Act. The Act provides support to workers who have been laid off or furloughed, aids workers and families that need broadband to find jobs and access health care, education and other services

ED2WORK Signs Letter to Congress to Improve Access to Remote Learning for Students Impacted by COVID-19

Apr 24, 2020

On April 24, 2020, ED2WORK and 52 other higher education and related organizations and leaders sent a letter to Congressional leadership "to act swiftly to support today’s students by bolstering broadband connectivity for postsecondary students through COVID-19 emergency response legislation."

ED2WORK Founder Co-Authors New Article on Quality Assurance for a New Credential Marketplace

Feb 23, 2020

A new article in the peer-reviewed journal, New Directions for Community Colleges, discusses issues that arise when trying to assess the quality of credentials in a new credentialing market and presents elements of an evolving outcomes-based quality assurance model.

New ACE White Paper Authored by ED2WORK Helps Faculty Support Students' Career Readiness

Feb 18, 2020

With more college graduates than ever embarking on unanticipated career paths, faculty and institutional leaders should be providing curriculum to students that will serve them beyond their specific fields of study and allow them to be better prepared for a changing workforce, according to a new paper published by ACE.

ED2WORK Sponsors Rural Community College Commencement and Student Honor Society Fund

Jan 17, 2020

To reduce the financial burden that graduation and other fees place on students, especially in rural areas, ED2WORK removed that burden for students at Eastern West Virginia Community and Technical College with a sponsorship to cover costs associated with Spring 2020 commencement, and to establish a fund for students' membership dues to Phi Theta Kappa, the international honor society for two-year colleges.


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