There is no one solution, no magic bullet to solve the nation’s talent pipeline challenges. These challenges may seem overwhelming, in fact, they are, so don’t go it alone. ED2WORK® can tailor a solution to meet your specific needs.

Standing Meeting

A Digital Technology Upskilling Solution for the Nation's Capital Region

Spring 2020

Identify regional digital technology skills gaps, and university and employer capacity constraints to develop an upskilling model for incumbent workers in the National Capital Region. Craft an upskilling strategy for the Greater Washington Partnership's Capital CoLAB to address regional digital technology upskilling and reskilling needs.

National Task Force on Transfer of Credit


Manage the American Council on Education (ACE) National Task Force on Transfer of Credit comprised of college and university presidents to deliberate transfer credit policies and practices, and draft a final report and recommendations for the field.


A Framework for Enhancing Career-Relevant Teaching

Fall 2019

Author a white paper commissioned by the American Council on Education (ACE) to investigate what faculty need to embed career guidance into the classroom and the instructional elements known to facilitate greater adaptivity for students to succeed in future work and learning

Developing a Strategy for Alternative Credit and Credentials

Fall 2019

Analyze the portfolio of educational products and services for a publicly-traded national education services company to identify optimal pathways for learners to earn alternative credit and identify potential skills-based alternative credentials.


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