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Talent and Skills-Based Solutions

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SkillsMatchTN: A Skills Marketplace for Tennessee’s Workforce


Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development

Mobilize a coalition of employers, community leaders, and economic, education, and workforce agencies to develop a skills-matching marketplace concept to enable Tennessee to upskill and reskill unemployed and underemployed workers via short-term, industry-aligned credentials to accelerate the process to fill in-demand roles.

A Digital Tech Upskilling Solution for the Nation's Capital Region


Greater Washington Partnership, Capital CoLAB

Identify regional digital technology skills gaps, and university and employer capacity constraints to develop an upskilling model for incumbent workers in the National Capital Region. Craft an upskilling strategy for the Greater Washington Partnership's Capital CoLAB to address regional digital technology upskilling and reskilling needs.

Developing an Employability-Focused Credentialing Strategy


A National Education Services Company

Analyze the portfolio of educational products and services for a publicly-traded national education services company to identify optimal pathways for learners to earn alternative credit and identify employability-focused skills-based credentialing pathways.

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