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February 2020

This journal chapter provides an overview of the issues that arise when trying to assess the quality of credentials in the new credentialing market and discusses elements of an outcomes‐based quality assurance that is evolving.


Beyond Classroom Borders: Linking Learning and Work Through Career-Relevant Instruction

February 2020

This white paper addresses the aptitudes students need to develop to succeed in future work and learning, the critical elements faculty need to enhance the career-relevance of their instruction, and what academic leaders can do to support faculty to achieve greater career-relevance in the classroom.

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Exploring Non-Tenure-Track Faculty Motivation to Engage in Faculty Development

January 2019

This study uses the expectancy theory to explore employee motivation to engage in professional development based on intrinsic and extrinsic motivational factors. The research findings provide college administrators with a set of recommendations to support faculty’s professional development.

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A Center for Teaching and Learning Matrix

November 2018

The matrix provides an evidence-based template to promote and scale teaching excellence via a stable architecture for high-quality, evidence-based impact. The matrix can be used to assess, strengthen, and communicate the impact of post-secondary faculty development on campus-wide instructional excellence.

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Effective Teaching: A Foundational Aspect of Practices That Support Student Learning

February 2018

The authors of this paper posit that good teaching is in itself a high impact practice necessary to support students through their completion of a degree. The paper highlights how one community college and two universities implemented high-quality instructional practices to yield positive gains in student and institutional outcomes.

Institutional Commitment to Teaching Excellence

October 2017

The authors of this white paper discuss how higher education institutions can design and implement student-centered, attainment-focused instructional approaches and practices that can lead to improved student outcomes such as timelier postsecondary credential completion, and improved institutional efficiency.


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