​If you are an employer, college or university, or workforce agency that believes there is a better way to structure solutions to meet the needs of today's learners, let's talk. 


We believe that education and careers should be integrated to serve working learners and enable them to improve their social and economic well-being. This is at the core of our work. We believe it is time to develop more elastic models of education and work that holistically meet the needs of working learners.

Through advocacy, research, and strategy, we work with you to help create new ways to serve working learners to acquire and use the life and career-relevant skills they need to compete in the talent marketplace and improve their economic opportunity and social mobility.


If you are in the business of "developing people" and are looking for a partner who will assist you to focus your vision and build capacity, reach out to us. We will tell you how we might assist. And equally important, if we're not the right people, we will suggest others who are. Your success is what is most important to us.


As learner advocates, we promote policies and practices that place working learners at the center of solutions. We look to the future of learning and work and what organizations must do now to prepare for the inevitable challenges people and organizations will face in a dynamic learning economy.


We specialize in case studies and qualitative research to help you determine how to better serve learners through a deeper understanding of where existing "pockets of innovation" are already making an impact, then help you connect with the right people and knowledge to create your own solutions.


Our team can help you develop a clear, simple strategic approach to achieving the goals you have set forth for working learners. We believe in agile strategy that includes new ways of organizing your work and using knowledge to inform and continuously improve your efforts.


​If you are an employer, a college or university, or a workforce agency who, like us, believes there is a better way to structure a work and education system that meets the needs of working learners, let's talk. We can help further your mission through fresh thinking, research and insights, and strategic action.