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​If you are an employer, college, community organization, or workforce agency that believes there is a better way to structure solutions to meet the needs of today's learners, let's talk. 


We believe it's time to develop more elastic models of education and work that holistically meet the needs of working learners. This is at the core of our work. 

ED2WORK® partners to create conditions necessary for working learners to succeed and adapt for the future of work. We work with education providers, nonprofit and community-based organizations, workforce agencies, and companies to develop tailored education and workforce development solutions.


Our services include strategic planning, program development, technical assistance, and evaluation. Our experts are field leaders in developing and scaling adult, experiential, and online learning programs, credit for prior learning, outcomes-based quality and accountability strategies, and competency- and skills-based credentialing solutions.

If you are in the business of "developing people" and are looking for a partner who will assist you to focus your vision and build capacity, reach out to us. Your success is what is most important to us!


Most complex problems in society are caused by a combination of factors. To solve these complex problems, we offer a five-phase approach that discovers and builds upon the strengths of the community to create lasting and sustainable change.


We help communities focus on their strengths and resources and leverage a network of allies to uncover pockets of innovation in the education to work landscape. We conduct research and gain insights into the strengths and challenges of the opportunity to help organizations create a focused solution to solve the right problem.


The solutions to many pressing social problems already exist, tucked away in pockets of local innovation, often led by informal leaders. We believe in mobilizing the ideas, talent, and resources of a community into a network of problem solvers to drive sustained impact. This involves mapping existing efforts, strengths and gaps, and marshaling the ideas, talent, and resources necessary to build sustainable solutions.


We help identify key leaders and establish broad structures that give all partners appropriate opportunities to engage in and be part of the solutions and ongoing work. The leaders and sector representatives provide insights into the deliverables, outcomes, and metrics for success. This leads to a detailed plan for how key influencers and stakeholders will engage in the initiative to deliver real impact.


A successful change effort requires more than a simple answer to a complex problem. Achieving sustained impact requires understanding the levers of change in a community and the commitment by leadership to impact those levers over time. We build off the earlier phases to implement innovative learning models, approaches, and new ways of thinking and doing. 


Sustained growth is less about scaling a single solution and more about adapting a solution to new conditions to meet the challenge of the time. We take what works, learn from what does not, and adapt solutions to meet communities’ education and workforce needs.



Thanks, we'll be in touch soon!

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