Most complex problems that we face in society are caused by a combination of factors. To address and begin to solve these complex problems, we offer a five-phase approach that discovers and builds upon the strengths of the community to create lasting and sustainable change.




A community’s core capabilities and connections are fundamental to how well it can seize an opportunity to solve a complex problem. We believe that when communities focus on their strengths and resources and leverage a network of allies, they can uncover pockets of innovation in the education to work landscape.


The solutions to many pressing social problems already exist, tucked away in pockets of local innovation, often led by informal leaders. We believe in mobilizing the ideas, talent, and resources of a community into a network of problem solvers to drive sustained impact.


A winning strategy for change involves intentional and inclusive talent development. By helping to create the conditions which nurture layers of leadership, we build capacity to drive localized solutions and sustain positive change in communities and regions.


A successful change effort requires more than a simple answer to a complex problem. We believe that achieving sustained impact to solve a social or economic issue requires understanding
the levers of change in a community and the commitment by leadership to impact those levers over time to create measurable impact at scale.


Disruptive change alters the requirements of a skilled workforce. Employers and education providers of the future need to acclimate to the changing nature of work and learning. Sustained growth is less about scaling a single solution and more about adapting a solution to new conditions to meet the challenge of the time. We help communities continuously learn and adapt solutions to close talent gaps.


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