Sarah Godsey

Senior Consultant

Sarah Godsey joined ED2WORK in 2019 as a senior consultant. Sarah brings more than a decade of experience leading academic and student success efforts to smooth transitions for adult learners to earn a college degree.

Most recently, Sarah was director of ACE CREDIT® and paved the way to transform how ACE recognizes non-college learning and increase the currency of ACE credit recommendations to academic and workplace settings. Sarah was Co-Principal Investigator on the $1.56 million Lumina Foundation grant to create a competency-based credit recommendation process and dual academic and workforce-ready transcript. Before ACE, Sarah was a regional director at the University of Phoenix and led a team of academic and student success advisers to achieve improved student retention and persistence towards degree completion. At the start of her career, Sarah taught English language and culture for K-12 students and business executives in Colombia.

Sarah earned her master of arts in education with a specialization in adult education and training.


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